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    Snow Blade SNP-90

    The coolest tool

    Turn your MOSQUITO-HA into
    the coolest winter tool.

    Specifications Snow Blade SNP-90

    Remove snow as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the riskier it gets. During winter, there will not be much sweeping to be done. Turn your MOSQUITO-HA into the coolest winter tool ever with the snow plow SNP-90. It’s really wide – 90 cm – so you will shovel great amounts of snow in one go. Shovel to the left or the right – it’s easy to adjust on the machine. Soon, you will have the entire area snow-free. Street after street, district after district. It’s made of tough steel and has a unique wear strip. That makes your snow shovel ultra durable. Winter after winter…

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    Why choose Snow Blade SNP-90!

    • Easy to adjust
    • Ultra Durable
    • 90 cm Wide

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