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NIMOS keeps innovating. The MOSQUITO-HA is its latest asset. Hydraulically driven. So the operator no longer has to push; ideal for working environments with height variations. The MOSQUITO-HA pulls you along effortlessly

Specifications MOSQUITO-HA

Engine power
4,3 kW (5,8 HP)
Brush drive
175 kg
Brush diameter
650  mm
Wheel drive

Guarantees an effortless working day.

Not only do you no longer need to push, but the brush rotational speed is infinitely adjustable. Handy if you need just a bit more or less power for a particular piece of ground or road. A multifunctional machine you can quickly switch brushes on, or other tools. So not only do you rip out weeds thoroughly, but edges can also be cut in the same pass. Or snow removed in winter. The MOSQUITO-HA sails through your work, across the seasons.

19X Job Well Done

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Why choose MOSQUITO-HA!

  • Multiple tools
  • Brushing against the direction of travel
  • Continuously adjustable driving speed
  • A cleaner result
  • Optimum brush result
  • Variable brush speed control

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